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The i-FAStTRAC Real Estate Training Program is a 3-month long program, over 24 Sessions divided into 6-Weeks of i-FAStTRAC 101 and 6-Weeks of i-FAStTRAC 201. Each Session is 3 hours long.  Sessions start promptly at 1pm EST and ends at 4pm.

i-FAStTRAC® 2017 Program
Details and Syllabus

As the Internet evolves so does the i-FAStTRAC® Real Estate Training & Coaching Program.

In 2016, Kevin Ahearn and Key Yessaad will introduce an All- New
i-FAStTRAC® Training Calendar Format to help participants more easily focus on, and benefit from, the two distinct, yet interrelated topics, addressed by Kevin and Key. In addition, Kevin and Key have added New Content to remain on the cutting-edge of what is most relevant to brokers and agents in today’s market.

The sequence of Kevin’s sessions has changed slightly. 

Additionally, Four (4) All-New Topics have been added by Key Yessaad namely: Successful Database-Marketing; Advanced Drip Email Marketing; Video Blog Marketing; and Personal Pay-per-Clicks Lead Generation Systems.

For a more detailed description of i-FAStTRAC® Training Sessions… and the dates & times of each session, please consult the Training Calendar on the Home Page of our website: (Note: All times are Eastern Standard Time!)


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Download a PDF of our complete Course Syllabus

     i-FAStTRAC 101- Program Syllabus

Target Audience New, Aspiring, and underachieving Agents.


iF-101 #1 Kevin: Understanding The Real Estate Business and Goal Setting

Part 1: Program Overview; Understanding Real Estate Business as an Agent-Entrepreneur

Kevin introduces participants to a ‘how to’ video which gives a structural and philosophical ‘Overview’ of the i-FAStTRAC® 101 and 201 programs. He cultivates a better appreciation for, and understanding of, the real estate business and what it takes to be a successful agent-entrepreneur; introduces and explains the Real Estate Success Triangle, the Variables Impacting Short and Long-term Production and the Importance of Awareness, Control and Commitment. Kevin also introduces three (3) proven Formulas for Success: the Listing Success Formula; the Sales Success Formula and the Personal/Business Success Formula.

Part 2: Goal Setting: ‘How To’ Establish and Achieve Realistic Goals

Without goals we tend to lose direction and end-up working harder rather than smarter! In this session, Kevin addresses why we need to set goals; the 'facts' about goals; and ‘how to' establish and achieve goals! He also introduces two automated documents (each with ‘how to' video support): the Business Income Goals Worksheet and Personal and Business Expense Analysis.

iF-101 #2 Kevin: Effective Time Management for Real Estate Success

Part 1: Time Management: Part 1

The single most precious, irreplaceable resource we all have is time! Agents need to be acutely aware of this because in real estate: 'We don't get paid for the work we do' we only get paid for the results we produce!’ - In this session, Kevin outlines the benefits of time management; the 'facts' about time management; the four (4) kinds of time; and ‘how to' structure an effective Time Management Plan.

Part 2: Time Management: Part 2

In this session, Kevin finishes his discussion of Time Management by emphasizing the importance of planning in weekly increments; holding oneself accountable; and regularly reviewing one's Time Management Plan. He introduces two (2) automated time management documents (both supported by a ‘How to' videos): Weekly Planner and Weekly Activity Report. He also identifies and interactively discusses the Time Robbers and Time Savers. And, for the first time, participants are introduced to
i-FAStTRAC® Mantras and how to use and benefit from them.


i-FT-101 #3 Kevin: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting

Part 1: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting: 'Daily Prospecting & Lead Generation Funnel‘; Warm Canvassing; Script Building

The single most important activity an agent can undertake is prioritized/proactive prospecting and lead generation! Yet most agents fail to do so consistently! In this session, Kevin interactively explores the reasons agents tend to be more reactive than proactive when it comes to prospecting. He also introduces and explains (with ‘how to' video support) the relevance of the Daily Prospecting and Lead Generation Funnel to agents at different levels of production. He then shows participants how easy it is to build personalized prospecting scripts that work.

Part 2: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting: ‘Integrated’ Open Houses and Target Marketing/Farming

In this day and age, agents need to learn the importance of 'integrating' traditional 'outbound' marketing techniques with non-traditional 'inbound' marketing strategies. Participants will be introduced to a step-by-step strategy for promoting, hosting and following-up 'Integrated' Open Houses. Agricultural ‘Farming' is in concert with the Laws of Nature - i.e. 'It takes time'! The same can be said for 'farming' in real estate! In this session, Kevin introduces proven strategies and techniques for significantly shortening the developmental time of a geographic farm; introduces and develops the concept (and benefits) of 'Integrated' Farming; provides a detailed checklist, parameters and guidelines for development of a geographic farm.

iF-101 #4 Kevin: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting

Part 1: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting: For Sale By Owners

Why do some sellers choose to sell 'For Sale By Owner'? What are the keys agents need to remember when working For Sale By Owners? In this session, Kevin interactively explores the answers to these questions; addresses 30 ways agents can more effectively work For Sale By Owners; and introduces and explains (with ‘how to' video support) the For Sale By Owner Questionnaire and four (4) unique and proven For Sale By Owner Approaches.

Part 2: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting: 'Integrated' Just Listed/Sold Promotions

You've just gotten a 'marketable' listing or sold a piece of property. Now what? In this session, Kevin shows agents ‘how to' parley one piece of business into two, two pieces of business into four etc. How? Simply by initiating proactive, 'Integrated' Just Listed or Just Sold Promotions which enable agents to take full advantage of their 'bragging rights'! Kevin also outlines and explains the step-by-step prospecting strategy that needs to be implemented and helps participants create personalized prospecting scripts that are highly productive.


iF-101 #5 Kevin: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting

Part 1: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting: Expired Listings

In this session, Kevin interactively explores the answers to the question: 'Why do listings expire'? He introduces more than a dozen ways for agents to more effectively work Expired Listings; he gets agents ready for the seller's most likely responses to the question 'Is your property still for sale'?; introduces (with ‘how to' video support) the unique and proven Marketability Survey; and he helps agents build Expired Listing prospecting scripts designed to get the listing presentation appointment each and every time.

Part 2: Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting: ‘How To’ Build A Referral-Based Business

Why is it that some agents are consistently more productive than others? And, why is it that top-producing agents typically work smarter, rather than harder, than new and mid-level producers? The answer: because top-producers have, over time, built a viable ‘Referral-Based' Business. In this session, Kevin introduces a six (6) step system for building a referral-system; five (5) components of such a system; 'How To' Structure your Referral-Database; 'How To' evaluate/rate candidates for the database; and introduces the Prioritized/Proactive Prospecting and Lead Generation Mantras.

iF-101 #6 Kevin: The Buyer Counseling Process and An Overview of the Marketing (Listing) Presentation

Part 1: Buyer Power. Buyer Evaluation, Qualification and Counseling  

It is important for agents at all levels of production to learn how to 'work smarter' rather than 'harder'. This is particularly true on the buyer‐side of the business. In this session, Kevin stresses the importance of thoroughly 'pre‐screening', evaluating and qualifying buyer prospects before investing time in a counseling session! He also addresses at length the Buyer Counseling Procedure, what is required for Buyer Counseling to be impactful and he introduces and explains (with 'How to' video support) a terrific tool… the Buyer's Needs Analysis.

Part 2: Presentation Power. An ‘Overview’ of the Marketing (Listing) Presentation  

In the first of three (3) sessions devoted to the Marketing (Listing) Presentation, Kevin re‐frames agents thinking by driving home the point that this event is really a 'Marketing' Presentation during which the agent is vying to become the ‘Marketing’ Coordinator for the property by offering a detailed, written and compelling Marketing’ Proposal which outlines an ‘Upgraded’ ‘Marketing’ Strategy for the property for which the agent charges a ‘Marketing’ Fee. He also discusses the ‘facts' about listing; introduces the ‘Essentials' of a ‘Qualified' Presentation; gives an Overview of the Four (4) Phases of a ‘Qualified' Presentation; and introduces and explains (with ‘How to’ video support) a dynamite tool… the Seller’s Needs Analysis.


iF-101 #7 Key:  The Fundamentals of Internet Marketing in Real Estate

Traditional Marketing and Internet Marketing are not the same! It is the distinction between Outbound Marketing and internet based Inbound Marketing. The Job of a Real Estate Agent is to understand the Psychology of what Buyers and Sellers are doing online, as well as the role Search Engines. We will learn: What is the Behavior of consumers when they interact with Real Estate Websites, Search Engines, and what is the best information we must give them in order for them to do business with you.

iF-101 #8 Key: Web Crawlers, Indexing, and the Role of Search Marketing

The language of the Internet is HTML and Search Engines utilize Web Spiders, to Crawl, Index, and Rank Content Pages and Websites; how do they work? How can Real Estate Agents control them so they can visit their website often? And most importantly what is the Scale of your Website Index? We will also learn about the role of Keywords; which Keywords help agents in their ranking, and how all of these concepts relate to Search Engine Optimization (SEO) and Search Engine Marketing (SEM).


iF-101 #9 Key: Internet Marketing Bio, Visibility, and Inbound Validation

What is an Internet Marketing Bio and how do Real Estate Agents deploy one? Your Presence on the Internet needs to be multifaceted, scalable, multi-channeled, and Google-able. Your clients will Google you, behind your back, to validate your Real Estate Knowledge, Expertise, and Local Presence - How do you create an Internet Presence beyond Social Media? What should you include in your Marketing Bio? What do Search Engines, like Google and Bing, look for and how long should your Bio be?


iF-101 #10 Key: Real Estate Web Platforms, Tools, and Web Marketing

Real Estate Websites come in a variety of flavors and are not all geared to do the same thing; many Website Vendors offer excellent 'Hands-off' Websites; others focus on the 'Do-It-Yourself Internet Marketer'; yet others bridge no gap and offer little value when it comes to Web Tools for Real Estate Agents. We will learn: What are the various types of Web Platforms and what are their Pros and Cons? What kind of Platforms are Consumer friendly and Sticky? What are the Internet Tools for Prospecting Agents?

iF-101 #11 Key: Lead Management Systems and Successful Leads Conversion

There are various Lead Management Systems on the market; some are broker driven by Pay-per-Clicks and Google Adwords, others self-made and/or integrated within your website. What are they and how do they work? What are the Pros and Cons? What Pitfalls should Real Estate Agents Avoid? Most importantly: What are the Habits, Scripts, and Follow Up Systems that will help Real Estate Agents become more successful at turning Internet Registrations into Real Estate Closings?

iF-101 #12 Key: The Role of Email Marketing, Email Scripts and Success Habits

Email Marketing is a Type of Outbound Marketing that can be a bit confusing for many practitioners - it all starts with a Proper Database, in fact Databases. Not all of your contacts are made of the same cloth; some are simply internet registrations; others are leads you are interacting with on the phone or text; others are transactions you are nurturing along; and finally some are past clients. We will learn to create Email Systems that are thoughtful, effective, simple and driven by effective habits.


     i-FAStTRAC 201- Program Syllabus

 Target Audience Graduates, Mid-Level Producers, and Top Producing Agents.


iF-201 #1 Kevin: Presentation Power

Part 1: Marketing (Listing) Presentation. Phase I: Approach

Establishing rapport and taking control early‐on in a Marketing Presentation is vital! Gathering as much information about the seller's situation and about the property is critical! In this session, Kevin discusses the nuances of Phase I of a Marketing (Listing) Presentation; provides checklists for questioning the seller and inspecting the property; and introduces (with 'How to' video support) the unique and proven Seller's Needs Analysis.

Part 2: Marketing (Listing) Presentation. Phase 2: Question & Inspection  

Establishing rapport and taking control early‐on in a Marketing Presentation is vital! Gathering as much information about the seller's situation and about the property is critical! In this session, Kevin discusses the nuances of Phase 2 of a Marketing (Listing) Presentation; provides checklists for questioning the seller and inspecting the property; and introduces (with 'How to' video support) the unique and proven Seller's Needs Analysis.

iF-201 #2 Kevin: Presentation Power

Part 1: Marketing (Listing) Presentation. Phase 3: Demonstration

Why should I list with you and your company? Why should I pay you so much when the other agent will list the property for less? In this session, Kevin interactively addresses the answers to these seller questions by stressing the importance of clearly demonstrating what the agent intends to do to successfully market the property; by showing the agent 'How to' educate the seller; by outlining how the agent can differentiate themselves from the competition; and by explaining the importance of substantiating the agent's value to the marketing process.

Part 2: Presentation Power Marketing. Phase 4: Closing

It has been said that closing is a 'process' not an isolated/disconnected event! When it comes to the Marketing (Listing) Presentation, the 'process' is only complete if, and when, the agent leaves the presentation with the seller's autograph on a 'marketable' listing. In this live/ interactive session, Kevin outlines a step‐by‐step process for getting a 'marketable' listing every time.

Closing Phase, Kevin introduces the importance of conducting an 'Exit Interview‘ and ‘How to’ do it; introduces the concept of a Presentation Clipboard to insure agents sequence the presentation correctly; explains ‘How to’ enhance your presentation effectiveness. And, recognizing that many agents are on 'information over‐load' after participating in Sessions #2 ‐ #6, Kevin introduces with ‘How to’ video support the availability of an agent‐personalized tool that helps agents easily, and effectively, apply all of what they have learned about the Marketing Presentation; and introduces the Marketing Presentation Mantras.


iF-201 #3 Kevin: ’How To’ Control The Pricing Strategy

Part 1: 'How To' Control The Pricing Strategy:
Part 1

The hallmark of a 'marketable' listing is list price! Controlling the pricing discussion during the Marketing Presentation, therefore, becomes critical. In this session, Kevin interactively explores the 'factors' that influence pricing; investigates why sellers insist on overpricing the property; identifies the tangible benefits of effective pricing; and explains how and when to introduce the Competitive Market Analysis (CMA).

Part 2: 'How To' Control The Pricing Strategy: Part 2   

In part 2 of Controlling the Pricing Strategy, Kevin interactively discusses eight things agents want to remember when introducing and explaining the CMA; explains 'how to' be convincing enough to get the right price; introduces and explains when and 'How To' use the Dilemma Technique; shares twelve (12) ways to protect your Marketing Fee; and finishes the session with the Pricing Strategy Mantras.

iF-201 #4 Kevin: Objection Handling Strategies & Closing Power

Part 1: Objection Handling: The Seven (7) Steps Technique For Handling Stalls & Real Objections  

One thing you can count in selling are objections! In this session, Kevin interactively explores the 'realities' of objection handling; defines the distinction between a condition, stall and real objection; redefines what real objections are; identifies the most common seller and buyer objections; introduces a highly effective Seven (7) Step Technique for Handling Stalls and Real Objections; emphasizes the importance of using visuals (whenever possible); addresses twelve (12) of the most common objections and recommends a variety of scripts and visuals to use; all of which are available for download from our website. Kevin closes the session by introducing the Objection Handling Mantras.

Part 2: Closing Power: Professional Closing Techniques   

Why is it difficult for salespeople to 'close the sale?' Are 'trial' closes' and 'final closes' the same? Do I need to use both? In this session, Kevin interactively explores the answers to these questions; discusses some 'facts‘ about 'the close'; defines what 'the close' is; demonstrates four (4) highly effective Professional Closing Techniques; and introduces the Closing Mantras. He also introduces a 'How to' video entitled: ‘Contract‐to‐Close and Beyond’ which will help agents create 'Raving Fans' and 'Customers for Life'.


iF-201 #5 Kevin: Professional Negotiating Tactics and Contract to Close & Beyond

Part 1: Negotiation Power. Professional Negotiating Tactics   

Experienced agents can count on one hand the number of times offers they have initiated on behalf of a client have been accepted as written! Typically, offers need to be negotiated! Our ability to be an effective negotiator, however, doesn't stop there. We need to negotiate to get the appointment, to get the seller to sign the Listing Agreement, to get the buyer to make an offer etc. In this session, Kevin counsels agents on "How To' get prepared for negotiations; identifies and demonstrates multiple 'high‐risk' and 'low‐risk' negotiation tactics; shows agents 'How To' get to 'YES'; shares problem‐solving phrases that help bring negotiations to a successful

conclusion; and introduces the Negotiation Mantras.

Part 2: Contract-To-Close...and Beyond

Kevin will introduce Contract-to-Close: Why Is It So Important?; What Can Agents Do To Improve During The Contract-To-Close Phase?; Post-Close: Why Is It So Important?;and What Can Agents Do To Improve During the Post-Close Phase?

iF-201 #6 Kevin: Lead Capture, Cultivation and Conversion

Part 1: Lead Capture, Cultivation and Conversion: Part A

Generating leads is easy! Generating, converting and managing 'quality leads' is also easy! if you correctly understand: where 'quality leads' originate; the lead capture and conversion process; the 'facts' about lead capture and conversion; the numerous 'realities' of lead capture and conversion; and ‘how to' avoid the most common mistakes agents make when capturing and converting leads. Kevin will address these and other lead generation, cultivation and conversion issues in this 'eye-opening' session.

Part 2: Lead Capture, Cultivation and Conversion Part B

In this session, Kevin contrasts the Lead's Objectives in making inquiries and the Agent's Objectives in handling the inquires; suggests ways to better control the 'initial' phone conversation with a new prospect; introduces the fourteen (14) stepping stones to getting the appointment; and introduces ten (10) 'traditional' closes that enhance the possibility of getting the 'face-to-face' appointment with the prospect.


iF-201 #7 Key: Landing Pages for Lead Conversion and Local Markets

What are Real Estate Landing Pages and how come everyone on the internet talks about them? The Mathematics of generating Leads in Real Estate is quite simple! Give people what they want and you will convert them into potential Leads! So what are Sticky Web Pages in Real Estate Websites? What should Real Estate Agents give in order to get back internet leads? How do you go about carving your local market? And finally, and most importantly, how are landing pages put together?

iF-201 #8 Key: Real Estate Blogging for Long Term SEO Visibility

Building a Real Estate Web Presence goes hand-in-hand with marketing your Listings! The concept of Blogging is the most fundamental and organic activity of Inbound Marketing; so what is Blog Marketing? Why should Real Estate Agents post Blogs? What are the most effective topics? Why are SEO and Social Media Traffic driven by these activities? We will also learn: What are Blog Tags and how they relate to Keywords? Finally we will learn to post a Proper Real Estate Listing Blog and how to sequence it?


iF-201 #9 Key: Direct Response Marketing and Real Estate Internet Farming

Direct Response Marketing is the most effective way of connecting with potential Real Estate Sellers. What do Sellers want from the Internet? How do good Real Estate Agents create marketing pieces that not only inform but also lead to a Seller’s Action? What are the Ingredients of a Good Internet Marketing Direct Response Campaign? What are examples of marketing pieces, once integrated, generate inquiries for appointments with the best agents? And finally we will learn to Role of Squeeze Pages and Lead Capture.

iF-201 #10 Key: Social Media Postings for Lead Generation and Validation

The term Social Media Posting is ever changing and some platforms are more important than others. Most Real Estate professionals are still focusing on selling or servicing the listing - not marketing the listing! The way you approach Facebook is different from that of LinkedIn, Pinterest, Tumblr, Google+, and Twitter. This session will identify and address the most important activities agents must master in order to become recognized on Social Media. We will learn not only what to post, but also how often to post.


iF-201 #11 Key: Real Estate Video Marketing and Narration Visualization

When internet visitors are given a series of Search Results in a Local Real Estate Web Page, they gravitate to a Video if one pops up? Why is that? Visitors are capable of reading and understanding text - yet when given a choice they select Videos 9 times out of 10! It is all about Story-Telling, and if you are able to combine your Meta Tags, Keywords, and Video SEO strategies with your Web visitors you have now connected at a higher Level. Let’s learn the role of Video in Real Estate Internet Marketing.

iF-201 #12 Key: Build Your Own Real Estate Lead Generation System

The lifeblood of a Successful Real Estate Career is driven by two (2) important concepts: Prospecting and Lead Generation. Did you know that if you know how to create a Landing Page you can create your own Lead Generation System? In this Session we will focus on the largest Pay-per-Click System that 90% of Consumers interface with – it is Google Adwords. We will learn how to create a Campaign, Create Ads, Select Keywords, and bid at the appropriate time of the day to generate Leads.


Important Copyright Notices ©1998-2017: The enclosed files, ideas, and videos are for the personal use of our paying i-FAStTRAC Brokers and their participating Agents. The information in this website, as well as the content delivered orally and in writing during all of our training sessions, are copyrighted and may not be shared, copied, reproduced, distributed, emailed, or played at any event or gathering without the expressed permission of the Real Estate Training Institute, Inc. and Real Estate Web Trainer, LLC. Unauthorized duplication of this program, book, handouts, or outline is illegal under international copyright law. No part of this Real Estate Training Program designed by Key Yessaad and Kevin Ahearn, may be reproduced, transmitted, transcribed, stored in a retrieval system or translated into another language in any form, by any means, without the written permission of the Real Estate Training Institute, Inc. and Real Estate Web Trainer, LLC. Please Respect all Copyrights. Your dedicated Real Estate Trainers Kevin Ahearn and Key Yessaad.