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Key Yessaad
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Open a Private Browser Window and Google Yourself:
1. Google Your Name;
2. Google Your Name and Profession;
3. Google Your Name and Company;
4. Google Your Name and Your Brand;
Share your Thoughts about: ‘Does my Internet presence help or hinder my business?’

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Limited Member
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I googled myself and found that my presence is there but lack luster at best. I need to bolster my presence and identify myself better as a solid force of expertise in my respected area of service.


Ron DeVries
Exit 1st Class Realty serving Rockledge, Merritt Island, Viera, and Cocoa Beach areas
Direct: 321-431-7596


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Casey Cross
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After Googling myself, I discovered that there is another Realtor named Casey Cross in MO -- and he's placing much higher on Google than I am!  My lack of presence on the Internet is definitely a hindrance to my business, but I know that the longer I'm in this class, the more prepared I will be to increase my presence on the Net!


Acacia "Casey" Cross - Realtor
EXIT Plan Realty
Local Specialty:  Port Orange, New Smyrna, and Daytona Beach Area Florida
Direct:  (386) 453-9935

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Dale Heuermann
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I think my presnce on the google search is positive and shows myself and my team as someone a person would want to work with. In the past we have gotten calls from people who became clients because they saw our team profile and decided to work with us.


Chris N Dale team
Dale Heuermann, REALTOR, CDPE 386-871-6988
Chris Heuermann, REALTOR, CDPE 386-871-8465
EXIT Plan Realty
1402 Dunlawton Ave Ste 1A
Port Orange, FL 32127

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Cynthia Webster
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I googled myself and was surprized how many Cynthia Websters there are in the world.  The main one that came up was a doctor, there is even another Cynthia Webster in real estate - I believe in California.  I don't have a good presence at all.  I only came up when I searched Cynthia Webster with Exit Realty of Valley.  Even on Facebook there is another Cynthia Webster.  Key, I have a lot of work to do and hopefully, with your help, I can market myself better.


Thank you,

Cynthia Webster
Exit Realty of the Valley

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Sokunketya"Ketya" Thach
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After googling my self, It has a positive outcome about my reputation in real estate business. My name always come out on the first 5 of the results. However, Some of the links don't have my bio and picture. Once my bio is completed, it will be uploaded to all those links along with my picture. Thank you soo much Key for teching and coaching me how get the most benefit out of the internet, and use it effectively. 


Sokunketya"Ketya" Thach, Realtor
EXIT Real Estate Gallery
Local Specialty: Fleming Island, Green Cove Spring, Jacksonville, Middleburg, & Orange Park
Direct: (904) 524-3136

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Mark Geil
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Boy this was an eye opener...

When I did my name, my first hit was on second page. Didn't even know that there were so many people named Mark Geil. The one with the biggest hit was an insurance sales man out in Reno, a doctor in PA, and a photographer in CO (him I don't mind being mixed up with).

When I did my name and profession I came up 1, 3 and 4 on the first page. Doing better...

Name and Company: 9 of 10 hits on the first page were me. Although the one that linked to FaceBook, #5, I was third on the list of results found on FaceBook. Interesting...

Name and Brand: I had 4 of the 10 hits on the first page.

My internet pressents could be better, especialy for real estate. Will visit this again at the end of class to see if there are improvement...


Mark Geil - Real Estate Associate

EXIT Real Estate Gallery
Local Specialty: Orange Park, Fleming Island and Jacksonville Florida

(9004) 588.2193
My Office and I participate in the i-FAStTRAC Program

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Cliff Lyons
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When I googled just my name I found out there is a guy with the same name who is a convicted child molester.  However, when I do the other searches I either see my website or my company website on page 1 on icognito in google chrome browser.


Land for Sale San Bernardino County -" target="_blank">Cliff Lyons Realtor
Cliff Lyons specializes in land in Victorville, Apple Valley, Helendale and Lucerne Valley.
I have been in Real Estate since 2005 and earned my Brokers License in 2007.  Please feel free to contact me via phone or text at (760) 221-1219

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Jamey Baber
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When I googled my name I found there was information for Jamey Barber, but nothing for me. I was in the top 5 page results when I googled for my name & profession. My presence is there but lacking. I am creating my bio today and working on making my presence better.


Jamey Baber - Realtor
Exit Realty Diversified
Local Specialty: Bellevue, West Nashville, Pegram, Fairview, and Franklin Tennesseee
Direct: (615) 415-7230

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Nora Alvarez
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Nora Alvarez - Realtor

Exit Realty Beatrice Associate

Local Specialty: North Shore Area

Direct: 339-226-2716

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Very interesting.  When I googled myself, my linked in profile was higher than everything else.  I also realized that I did not have a profile on the Realtor website, although my name showed up.  I have some work to do!  Good assignment.


Catherine Mosley - Realtor

Exit Realty of Beaufort

Local Specialty: Beaufort, Port Royal, Lady's Island

Direct: (843)441-1854

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Tracey "TV" Vartanian
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I found the most information about me when I used my brand, Tracey "TV" Vartanian.  Through my search I did notice that sights such as linkin need to be updated.  What I found most interesting was that my listing came up, but when I clicked on it, it was shown on our competitors web-site, so obviously they have created a landing page that pulls from the MLS.  


Tracey "TV" Vartanian-Realtor
EXIT Blue Water Realty
Local Specialty: Canyon Lake, Menifee, Lake Elsinore, California
Diret: (951) 675-1119

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